Senada Sokollu

journalist & political scientist


  • Experienced and passionate multimedia journalist with a keen eye on ESG topics 
  • Close to 10 years of experience as international correspondent and crisis reporter
  • Recognized and regarded for delivering engaging news reports on a variety of global topics in English and German across international media, ranging from live TV broadcasts to online articles
  • Well-versed on global current affairs and international politics, including environmental, social  and immigration topics


language skills

German (native)
English (C2)
Turkish (C1)
serbo-croatian (B2)
French (A2)

Social media

Computer skills


journalistic career

Senior editor / Reporter
ARD - Germany´s national TV & Radio broadcaster
  • Reporter for the daily TV news show of ARD (SWR)
  • Producing daily news on the biggest national breaking news and background stories on politics and economy
  • Final editing and supervision of the news show, its content and anchor texts
  • Reporting from the United States on German migrants in New York City
  • Host of a summer TV-series called „Hidden Champions“ – reported  on medium sized German enterprises which are world leaders in their sectors 
  • Editor on duty for the shows social media channels Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
  • Founder of a social project for economically disadvantaged widowed women 
  • Currently working on a collaborative investigative story about Ukrainian prostitutes in Germany
Euronews | Turkey
  • Reporter for „Euronews“ in front of and behind the camera – in English
  • Reporting as a video journalist on politically and economically charged content
  • For the English program of „Euronews“ reporting was done, among other things, from the refugee camp on the Greek island of Chios, on the constitutional referendum in Turkey and on the Turkish opposition before and after the election
International Correspondent
Deutsche Welle | Turkey
  • Turkey correspondent for Deutsche Welle (DW) in Englisch and German
  • Live reporting in front of the camera 
  • Background reports on political, social and economic developments in Turkey
  • Known as one of the first foreign journalists to report on the protest movement around the Gezi Park in Istanbul (2013)
  • News coverage from crisis areas such as the Turkish-Syrian border 
  • Appearence as a panelist at ambassadorial conferences of the German ambassadors of the Middle East in Berlin 
  • Participation in the training camp for journalists who report from war zones and crisis areas, organized and run by the German Armed Forces in Hammelburg, Germany
editor & reporter
Bayerischer Rundfunk | Munich & Vienna
  • Freelance TV editor for Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR) for a daily news show
  • Editorial contribution to the pilot project „Rundshow“, which was the first TV show in Germany that included social media into their program
  • Internship at the ARD TV studio in Vienna. Reported on the Vienna Opera Ball and from the Kosovo, as well as for the ARD studio in Brussels


Masters Degree: Political Science
Ludwig-Maximilians-University / Munich
  • Studies of Political Science at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University (Hochschule für Politik) in Munich
  • Major: International relations
Training: TV-Journalist
Bavarian TV-Academy (BAF)
  • Training to become a TV-journalist at the BAF in Munich
High School Graduation: A-Level
Heinrich Heine Gymnasium | Munich
  • Heinrich Heine Gymnasium in Munich
  • Graduation with the Abitur (A-Level)
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